Rapid Speed

The new Soluscope Sprint Endoscope Reprocessor is faster than ever. With a full clean and disinfection cycle, you'll never have to worry about a back log of dirty scopes!

Complete Traceability

With an innovative and intuitive graphical interface, the 7’’ touch screen enables easy and fast access to all Endoscope Reprocessing cycle and machine parameters.

Total Integration

 Collect electronic documentation, access your endoscope database in real time and monitor your Soluscope equipment with traceability software.

Touchscreen Interface

The Soluscope Sprint Endoscope Reprocessor is available as a complete integrated package compatible with Soluscope IT, DSC 8000 Drying and Storage Cabinet

How many races has Soluscope won?

Soluscope was one of the first AERs to:

  • Offer individual channel monitoring with alarms, this technology ensures all endoscope channels are fully cleaned and disinfected/sterilised during the reprocessing cycle.
  • Offer full cycle leak testing with an alarm.
  • Offer a cycle time of 20 minutes which includes automated cleaning and high level disinfection.
  • Offer an automated self disinfection cycle using a second biocide.
  • Offer both high level disinfection and sterilisation cycles in 1 machine – Soluscope Series 3 PAA.
  • Offer barcode tracking of Endoscopes, Operators, Doctors and Patients.
  • Reprocess EUS (ultrasound) endoscopes.
  • Ensure the operator correctly loads an endoscope via barcode validation, protecting the nurse and the patient.

Multi Step Reprocessing

Total Integration in your Endoscopy area

The all in one system by Soluscope and Gallay

Why choose Soluscope Sprint?

It's Fast

Soluscope Sprint Endoscope Reprocessor provides a full cleaning, high level disinfection and drying in less than 20 minutes. Experience leading technology, now even faster and maximise the amount of time in your Endoscopy Clinic.

It's Compliant

Soluscope Sprint Endoscope Reprocessor is compliant with the latest AS4187 and EN15883-4. Offering high quality standards and reliability, the Soluscope Sprint's Connectors are compliant with more than 1500 endoscopes of all brands.

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